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Limited-edition shoes are often decorated in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd and become instant classics. Consequently, they sell out quickly—so even if you find the perfect pair of shoes for your best friend's wedding or next winter getaway, they may already be out of stock before you can even get your hands on them. 

The good thing is, there’s a way to boost your chances of snagging that desired footwear. Sol Sana offers pre-order options for women who are always on the lookout for on-trend shoes. 

Premium leathers and distinctive trims have always been the signature of every Sol Sana collection. Each pair has a winning combination of comfort, luxury and affordability, so it’s no wonder why they sell out quickly. 

Set The Trend  
We understand how frustrating it might be to have to wait for a product's release date only to find out that it's already sold out. But, why wait when you can shop ahead of others? Set the trend and save yourself the hassle of it all by purchasing your Sol Sana pair before it even arrives in our warehouse! 

Placing an order in advance also allows you to see what sizes and colours are available, so you can get the right fit and save time putting together your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Pre-order products are subject to different and estimated delivery dates which will display underneath the add to cart button on the product page and at checkout, during the time of ordering. 

So whether you’re looking for versatile loafers or sandals with a modern take, you can relax knowing when they'll be delivered and start enjoying your new shoes right away.

Keep Your Pre-Ordered Shoes In Good Shape
Just a little attention from your hectic schedule is all it needs to keep your shoes in good shape. Sol Sana shoes are made with 100% genuine and pre-softened leather—and these materials can be prone to occasional scratching if not handled with proper care

Keep the leather hydrated by treating it with a suitable conditioner. Always store the item when not in use to prevent it from getting marks and being exposed to abrasive surfaces.

For suede, it should be brushed gently with a suede rubber smoothing down all the fibres in the same direction. You can also apply a protective waterproofing spray which is specifically for suede or nubuck. Prolong the life of a suede leather product by pre-treating the leather with a suede protectant and avoiding exposure to water or other liquids. 

Get A Head Start On The Best Trends
Work your capsule wardrobe and build confidence in your personal style no matter where you are. Pre-order your next favourite pair today or choose from our range of collections, styles and edits. Dressing up has no limits, so browse through our new arrivals and best sellers to find a new pair to mix and your with your ensemble today.