Women's Designer Loafers

Having a nice pair of loafers in your closet makes switching from casual to dressy a lot easier. With their timeless and polished charm, loafers make any outfit more put-together whether you're going for a walk in the park or attending a formal dinner party.

A wardrobe must-have, these shoes feature an extraordinary combination of comfort, versatility and effortless style. With lace-free designs and sleek silhouettes that make them easy to slip on and off the foot, loafers make the ultimate go-to shoes for women who are on the go or appreciate minimalist fashion.

Sol Sana’s loafers for women are distinguished by styles that are approachable, elevated and edgy. We offer our own contemporary take on specific shoe trends, but our designs remain firmly embedded in the role of staple pieces in any modern wardrobe.

What to Wear With Loafers?

Make a simple white shirt and plain leggings stand out by pairing them with the Colombo Loafers. Available in black and truffle, this loafer took the design inspiration from the ever-popular Western trend: the open-back Tuesday slide. It has a silver buckle and harness for that modern look and features a slightly pointed toe and rounded back, elongating the foot and creating a flattering silhouette.

The Tuesday Chain Slide by Sol Sana is yet another footwear that deserves a place in your shoe closet. With a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cropped cardigan, these designer loafers for women are perfect for strutting down the street as if it’s a catwalk. It comes in black and has a buttery soft leather top panel with an attractive gold or silver chain. Meanwhile, your feet are as comfortable as they should be with the pointed toe and rounded back.  

Looking for something out of the ordinary to add to your wardrobe? Play around with what you have in your closet and add a bit of whimsical vibe to your daily outfit. You can finish off your flared jeans or even a basic jumpsuit with our Tuesday Western Slide. This leather loafer features a playful interpretation of the ever-popular Western trend, boasting silver motifs and rows of small stud accents that run across the front panel. 

Who says loafers are less fun? With Sol Sana’s on-trend loafer’s comfort, wearability and impressive design aesthetic, you will be dressed to impress at all times! Get the perfect pair of loafers or add more shoe options to your closet with our best sellers to refresh your wardrobe now.