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Mace 8cm Heel • White
Mace 8cm Heel • White
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Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid or guest, how you dress for a wedding speaks volumes about the overall theme and mood of the celebration. It’s one of the important events in a woman’s life, so every detail should be carefully considered from the gown and accessories to the makeup. 

A matching pair of wedding shoes is the best way to tie everything together. Sol Sana has a wide selection of bridal shoes, allowing you to go down the aisle in style and with confidence. Our products are also known for its impressive combination of all-day wearability and comfort, so your feet won't hurt even after a long day of standing.

How to Pick the Perfect Pair? 
With so many options to choose from, finding the right pair of wedding shoes can be difficult. 

While there are many gorgeous shoes out there, the majority of them fall short of providing the highest level of comfort our feet deserve. So before making that purchase, ensure they meet your criteria in terms of height, sizes and style. 

If you want a bit of lift without having to worry about walking in heels, the Cameo heel is the ideal flat bridal shoe for you. Boasting an elegant silhouette, this footwear features barely there leather straps that wrap the foot before securing around the ankle. You will also appreciate the beautifully tapered square toe sole accentuated by a thick 5cm block heel. 

We also offer bridal shoes online with sizes ranging from 36 - 42, so you don’t need to sacrifice comfort while giving you a variety of alternatives to match your outfit.

Add personality to your ensemble with our Lani 8.5cm heel in taupe, black and truffle. With a strong pointed almond toe and a sweeping heel strap, this pair exudes the ultimate feminine silhouette. It has an 8.5cm stiletto heel and sleek lines produced by using rich leather to elongate the foot, making it ideal for the classy woman that you are. 

Maintain a level of sophistication when wearing our Brooklyn 9cm heel. The chain hardware on these bridal shoes is very simple yet high-quality and won’t run the risk of catching your dress. 

These statement shoes are also made from soft black leather and feature beautiful fluted 9cm heels as well as tapering straps that are both flattering and comfortable to wear. 

Flats or High Heels? 
Although the shoes always serve as the finishing touch, they can also make or break an outfit. That’s why when choosing between flats or high heels, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Bridal heels are appropriate for a formal or conventional wedding, while bridal flats are ideal for the reception or a night of dancing with the other ladies at your bridal party. 

The location of the event is also important for comfort. For a beach wedding, you might wish to change into your mules or sandals. But for a garden reception, wedding heels that complement your floor-length gown are recommended.

With our commitment to quality, we continue to create stylish footwear accented with the finest leather, distinctive trims and bold aesthetic designs to match not just your personality but also the theme you’re going for. 

So, browse through our selections here, and let Sol Sana be your companion no matter what the occasion is.