Sustainability Highlights

At Sol Sana, we take pride in upholding the fundamental business values of sustainable sourcing and ethical production practices.

A large part of our brand journey has seen Sol Sana invest heavily in building lasting relationships with key suppliers and producers who truly understand how to build sustainability into the foundations of their business.

The result has been a complete re-working of the way Sol Sana operates and has placed the conversation around the key points of ethical practices at the heart of our brand.

Some notable examples of our dedication to overcoming these issues are can be seen through our commitment to the below practices:

  • All products are certified by the Leather Working Group, and meet the highest tiers of Leather Sustainability Requirements
  • All products are produced using renewable energy sources
  • Manufacturers are Fairtrade, OkeoTex and Animal Testing Free accredited
  • All products are made by hand by a team of dedicated and highly skilled artisans
  • All online packaging made from recycled materials and can be recycled with your soft plastics