Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

From canvas and leather to velcro and shoelaces, sneakers come in various styles to complement your individuality while also bringing in comfort and versatility.

For women looking to switch up styles or upgrade their wardrobe, Sol Sana’s sneakers are a sure bet. Our designs are always anchored in excellent craftsmanship as seen with the use of high quality leather and distinctive trims.

A Shoe For Every Occasion
Whether you're wearing them to work or on the weekends, sneakers never go out of style. The Eliana sneaker will look amazing with everything, from bodysuits with blazers to plain shirts tucked into jeans. Available in white, grey, black and python, this is our unique spin on the typical low rise sneaker by adding 2.5cm thick soles and premium leather in either a gloss or a matte finish.

Slip Into Your Sol Sana Footwear
Our Sol Sana sneakers promote an edgy yet casual style while still being reasonably priced. Step up your fashion game and put together the perfect shoe collection for any occasion by browsing our website.