Women's Designer Sandals

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Tasha Slide • Cucumber
Tasha Slide • Cucumber
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If there's a pair of shoes that shouldn't be missing from your footwear rack, then it should be sandals. They can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, especially when you don't know what to pair with your flowy dress or wide leg pants. Besides versatility, women’s sandals are also often associated with maximum comfort. These ladies sandals come in various styles and are made with excellent materials—no wonder why they’re the preferred option for breathability. 

When it comes to immense comfort and luxurious feel, our Sol Sana sandals can deliver both. They are remarkable pieces of craftsmanship, featuring quality leathers and distinctive trims and come in edgy yet effortless styles. 

How Should Sandals Fit?
Since you're walking around in slip-on sandals, it should be a good fit. When looking for a pair of sandals, the rule of thumb is that the sole should match (if not slightly longer) your foot's length. You also need to ensure that the straps or wraps fit well so your heels and toes don't hang over the front and back.  

How To Pair Your Sandals With Different Looks
The beauty of these sandals for women is that their designs allow you to make the most out of any look. Whether it's summer or winter, you can never go out of fashion with our strappy sandals. The Tamara Sandal has a classy and laid-back style and can be partnered with a printed short-sleeved top and denim shorts. You can even pull off these quintessential spring sandals with your ditsy floral midi dress. It also makes the best partner for your essential clothing, with features such as a square toed sole and delicate straps. If you're all about colour coordination, you can also choose between moss and tan colours. 

Zion Sandal is another pair that you should have in your wardrobe. It’s our unique take on the usual woman’s sandals with a modern shaped sole, a thick leather wrap twisted over the toes and a bow strap to secure the ankle. For styling up, the Zion Sandal can be paired with a white tee and leggings or even your go-to co-ords. 

Who says you can't wear sandals on repeat and on any occasion? So wear your style and turn heads wherever you go with Sol Sana's sandals. To see more of our stunning collections, check out our website