Footbeds for Spring

Who says style and comfort can't go hand in hand? Footbed shoes are open-toed footwear made from lightweight materials, guaranteeing breathability and utmost comfort with every step you take. 

These footbed sandals also make an excellent partner for women who either want to keep things simple or enhance a casual look. Designed with thick/thin straps and (sometimes) studs, a trusty pair of footbeds can instantly add a cool or classy touch to your overall outfit.

How Should Footbed Sandals Fit?
When choosing your footbed sandals, ensure that the base and length of the footwear fit your feet to avoid them from slipping off. Another thing that you should look out for is whether it can cause any discomfort like heel or foot pain. To do this, always double-check the soles' durability and the low heels' stress absorption.

What to Wear With Footbed Sandals?
Keep your style in mind while giving your feet the level of comfort they deserve. Sol Sana can easily meet these expectations with our range of on-trend footbeds known for their modern aesthetic and chic silhouette designs.

Kick-off your shoes after a long day at work, and slide into the day wearing the Alba Footbed available in black, tan and taupe. Our Alba slide can easily add a subtle hint of carefree to your all-white jumpsuit, especially when you’re going out with friends. 

This pair also features two thick straps of high-quality leather that cross the top of the foot before extending backwards to wrap the heel elegantly. 

If you're getting ready for the summer, our Cerise Footbed can pass for a staple of your summertime ensembles. This black leather style is our summer go-to, perfect for showing off a breezy dress or co-ord sets with bold patterns or colours. 

The Cerise is also our feminine take on the dad sandal trend, which is apparent from the merged deep footbed with delicate rushed strap detailing. It features three thick straps that wrap the foot before extending back to secure the heel for a comfortable fit. 

From minimalist to head-turning, Sol Sana has footbed sandals that best complement your style or the season. So slip into our fashionable footbeds, and start flaunting your style with confidence. 

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